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Cuckney CofE Primary School Dream, Believe, Achieve 'Nothing will be impossible with God' Luke 1:37

Homework 8th February



Research to find out about a number of environmental issues linked to the oceans, such as overfishing, oil spills, coastal erosion, tourism and pollution.


Create an informative poster with a call to action to inspire the reader to make a difference.



Please continue to read daily.

Discuss your reading with an adult so you are ready to take and AR Quiz




This term we are focusing on learning our times tables up to 12x12.


To support this, you could;

  • Play Times Table Rock Stars.

  • Try a game on Hit the button -

  • Hang up a times table sheet – hang this somewhere you will  see it regularly. Now, regularly  run through a particular set of times tables. Remember, the more often you see and practice your times tables, the more likely you are to learn them.

  • Learn some tricks – why not google some tips and tricks to help you learn your tables.

  • Listen to songs to help you memorises your tables-

  •  Make a flash card game – try matching questions and answers

Mathopoly Game



Plural Possessive Apostrophes with plural words


girls’ boys’ babies’ parents’ teachers’ women’s men’s children’s people’s mice’s


How to learn and understand my spellings:


  1. Study the word

  2. Write the word

  3. Speed write

  4. Mnemonics

  5. Syllables/ chunks

  6. Look for the smaller words inside

  7. Use colour

  8. Different sizes

  9. Shape of the word

  10. Making words with letters

  11. Writing in fancy letters

  12. Use sticky notes

  13. Recording your words

  14. Pyramid writing

  15. Rallying

  16. Dictionary races

  17. Muddled letters

  18. Hangman

  19. Word sorts

  20. Writing sentences in context