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Welcome to Holbeck Class!

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A huge welcome to all of our Foundation families who are new to our school, we cannot wait to get to know you!

During this first half term in Holbeck Class we are spending time getting to know each other and learning the class rules and routines as part of our first topic 'All About Me'.


Within this topic there will be ample opportunities to listen & respond to familiar stories about families and favourite toys, consolidate writing our own full names and label family members with their names, concentrate on numbers to 10, learn about the human body and find ways to express ourselves including our feelings. 


In addition to this, our classroom and outdoor spaces are designed to be able to change and adapt to the children’s likes, needs & interests.


Our weekly baking sessions this half term will be largely based on using ingredients that keep our bodies healthy and encourage them to grow, but towards the end of the half term, we will move onto using Harvest foods. 


We will be learning about Autumn and noticing the changes happening around us and finding out about Harvest Festivals and why we celebrate them. 


For anyone wanting to go one step further at home, you could try;

- a visit to Eureka Children's Science Museum  

- Ask your child to do a self-portrait using any medium they feel comfortable with and label parts of themselves using their understanding of letters and sounds

- Book tickets to see the stage production of Guess How Much I Love You at the Palace Theatre, Mansfield 

- Maybe your child would like to write a list of all their most favourite things including animals, toys, foods or friends



Children will be rewarded every morning for reading at hone the evening before by moving their Owl up the Reading Tree located on one of the doors in Holbeck classroom. If they manage to get to the top of the tree by Friday, their owl will be put into a hat and if picked out, they’ll get the chance to choose a present bag to borrow for the week - happy reading. If you’re still finding your child reluctant to read, please come in & speak to us  


Robot word cards will be given out to children to sight read the words on them. These will be read together with a child from KS2 and if your child reads all the words on the card without hesitation, they will be given the next Robot word card. These words are words that cannot be broken into sounds and therefore need to be learned by sight


Day-to-day class activities will be posted on our Twitter page, please access this as often as you'd like as we do send out messages using that platform - please contact Holbeck staff if you do not want your child's photos being used on Twitter or our website


Our class timetable and long term plan is attached to this class page, please consult at your leisure and seek a member of Holbeck staff if you have any questions or queries


Your child's online learning journal is accessible to you through Tapestry. Emails have already been sent out to all parents who have given school access to their email address, if you haven't got it, please contact Holbeck staff


A £5 contribution for baking is asked per half term, please give your contribution at the beginning of each half term to Holbeck staff


Please bring a fully named P.E. kit on Wednesdays ready for our ball skills session at 3pm with Mrs Wainwright in the hall. Please remember that children will be coming home in their PE kits this day as there will not be enough time to change back into uniform, so please provide weather-appropriate kit (joggers as well as shorts, trainers, etc)


Throughout the week we have various adults in Holbeck class who will be holding 'messy' activities including baking, mud kitchen & art workshops - please be aware that your child WILL be coming home messy, which is a sign of a great day full of learning opportunities 


We will always thank-you for the support you give us, everything you do from attending parent induction meetings and reading with your child at home to contributing towards class trips and donating some of your time to help - without you, we cannot pave the way for our children to become the best they can be.



Please feel free to contact me with any questions, Mrs Coleman.

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