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Recent Updates:

Welcome to Sherwood class!

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Our Autumn 1 topic this year was 'The World Around Me'. We covered a wide range of things within this topic including looking at the geography of Cuckney and where we live, our place in the school community, the plants and wildlife in our school environment and what happens during harvest time each year.


In Autumn 2 our topic was 'Festivals of Light'. We will be finding out about some of the special times that are celebrated around the world at this time of year including bonfire night, Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas. We will also be getting ready to perform our Christmas production Hey Ewe to you all in December (please check the school calendar for dates and times of performances).


Our Spring 1 topic this year was 'Famous Faces'. We learnt about a range of famous people including the artist Lowry, the composers Mozart and Andrew Lloyd Webber, Grace Darling and scientists who have helped us to be able to measure the weather. We also visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park as part of our work on Artists.


In Spring 2 we were learning about Knights and Castles. We thought about where castles are built, what they are made from and the jobs and roles inside them. We also learnt about a knights armour and designed our own coats of arms. As well as this we will be learnt all about Shrove Tuesday, Lent and Easter. 


Our Summer 1 topic is 'Forces of Nature'. We will be learning about the four elements; earth, air, fire and water and linking a range of subjects to them. In our science we will be learning about plants and how they grow. For history we will find out about The Great Fire of London. In geography we will learn about the oceans and continents and we will explore the oceans and continents in geography. We will also be bringing our topic alive through a visit to Magna in week 3.


in Summer 1 our Year 2 children will also be completing their 'Special Agent Training' (or SATS!). The children will sit 2 of these sessions per week and they will be delivered in a fun and informal way.


In Summer 2 we are learning through the topic of Heroes. We will be learning about real life and Superheroes. In history we will be learning about Charles Darwin and his discoveries. Linked to this we will be learning about animals in science and different creation stories. In DT we will be designing and making our own 'super smoothies' and superhero capes! 


This term is also the phonics check for year 1 and some year 2 children. We will be continuing to work hard to prepare children for this.


Please see the topic webs below for more detail about what is covered for each of our topics so far.


Homework this term was sent out before the Easter holidays and is learning to read and write the common exception words for your child's year group. This is along side your children's usual spellings. An activity booklet and a list of spellings to concentrate on initially was sent home. Once children can read and write all of the words on their list they will be sent a new list home to practice. Children have also been given a phonics check homework pack at parents evening with activities to practise in preparation for the check which is carried out in June.


Spellings are tested on a Monday afternoon with children being paired up with a spelling 'buddy' from Thoresby Class to do them and children are moved onto the next card once they are able to spell all words correctly (including forming letters correctly). Times tables are tested on a Friday. You can help your child by practising a few of these, along with a few pages of their reading book each night.

Long term plans