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Cuckney CofE Primary School Dream, Believe, Achieve 'Nothing will be impossible with God' Luke 1:37

Week 3- 16.11.20

English Homework

Please complete the reading activity by reading the short text and then answering the 4 questions. You will need to use your reading 'viper' skills we have been practising in guided reading to help you answer the questions.

Parents- Please can you ask your child to read the text aloud to you. Time one minute and circle the word they have read up to in that time frame. The children can continue reading to the end of the text untimed. The reasons for this is to help me get an idea of the children's reading fluency. We aim for the children to be reading around 90 words per minute by the end of year 2. 


Mrs Morton's Phonics group- please use the text 'On the River'.

Miss Worboys' Phonics group- please use the text 'The Glenfall Gazette'.

Maths Homework
Last week in maths, we continued our work on the column method for adding and subtracting. We have looked at how to add using the column method when regrouping is required (sometimes known as 'carrying') and we have also learned how to use the column method to subtract when we need to exchange (previously referred to as 'borrowing', now we call this 'exchanging'). Towards the end of the week we also looked at methods to help us add three 1-digit numbers together.


Tasks this week:

Year 1 children- Please complete the adding three 1-digit numbers questions by first identifying and circling the number bonds to 10, then adding the remaining number.

Year 2 children- Have a go at the addition and subtraction questions. Be careful as these require you to regroup (for add) and exchange (for subtract). The first addition and first subtraction have been done for you as an example.

BONUS Challenge- If you are feeling up for a challenge, have a go at the other year group's task too (some year 1 children will be able to have a go at the year 2 task- others may find it too difficult but that is ok!) ! If you complete the bonus challenge you will earn 3 smilies!