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Spelling Tests

Spelling Tests Results

Each Friday, please complete your child's spelling test with them using the words on their spelling card. Read each word to your child and ask them to write it in their red spelling books. When complete mark them together and submit your child's score by filling in the form below so that I can see how they are getting on. Please use your child's name in the 'Name' box and put the date and score in the 'Message' box e.g. 24/04/2020- 7/8. If you want, you could add some more information here about any words they might have spelt incorrectly. Please could you also ensure that you provide a correct parent email so that I can send certificates to your child if required. Good luck!

I will check the spelling results each Friday and send certificates via email to those children who move up a spelling card!


I may send some advice, ideas or activities to those children who are stuck on the same spellings for multiple weeks.


If your child gets all of their spellings correct, they can have the next set of spelling words.

If your child gets only one wrong, they can still have the next set of spellings but must also be re-tested on the word they got incorrect the following week.

If your child gets more than one wrong, they will need to keep the same spellings and be re-tested on these the following week.


You can access a PDF version of all spelling cards using the links below.