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  • Holbeck 96.3%
  • Sherwood 95.9%
  • Langwith 100%
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Late/Absence Procedures

At Cuckney C of E Primary School we value children’s attendance, as children with low attendance make less progress at school.

Good attendance is 97% or better - 5 and a half days off or less over the whole year - less than two days each term!

Satisfactory attendance is 95% to 96.9% Up to 9 and a half days off over the whole year – up to 3 days off each term.

Attendance causing concern is 90% to 94.9% Up to 19 days off each year – up to 6 days off each term.

Unacceptably low attendance is below 90% More than 19 days off in a year – more than 6 days off each term.

What to do if your child is off school  

Call school before 9:30am if your child is off school. Please tell us why so we can properly record the reason. If we don’t know, the absence will be unauthorised and can lead to a penalty notice.


If your child is persistently absent

  • Attendance below 95% (or 3.5 days in the autumn term) letter sent saying attendance causing concern. After this letter each absence will need medical evidence or they will be recorded as unauthorised. 
  • 3 more days’ unauthorised absence will trigger a formal warning letter and a meeting with the head teacher to see how school can help improve attendance.  
  • 2 more days’ unauthorised absence will lead to the issuing of a penalty notice. 
  • Continued poor attendance (below 90%) will lead to a referral to Targeted Support (Formerly Education Welfare) and possible further fines and court appearances.  


For more information on absence procedures please read our attendance policy:

Late Procedures: 


School starts promptly at 8:45 when the bell rings in the playground, any children arriving after is time will be marked as Late (before the registers have closed).

Any child arriving after the registers have closed will be marked as an unauthorised late.

If your child is persistently late they will recieve a letter stating 'Should the lateness persist, a referral will be made to the local authority for a fixed penalty notice in the same way as significant absence, such as persistent absence of holidays in term time.'