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Big Maths, Beat That

Big Maths Beat That Jingle- 30 Second Timer (Use with Y1 Sheet)

Big Maths Beat That Jingle- 90 Second Timer (Use with Y2 Sheet)

Each Friday, please encourage your child to complete their Big Maths, Beat That challenge. ALL children in Sherwood class are working on the Year 1 sheets. Please use the Big Maths 30 Second Jingle to complete the challenge (the children are used to using this in class so will know what to do!), and submit the children's score using the form below. 


All of the Big Maths challenge sheets are in the PDF document above. There are 10 different tests that the children can do. To avoid children just memorising the answers (rather than being able to rapidly recall them), I will only send out which page I would like the children to complete for their weekly test no earlier than the night before (Thursday evening). Therefore, if possible, I would recommend printing all 10 tests out before hand so that you are prepared (I will not repeat the same test until all 10 have been completed). To print all 10 Year 1 tests, you will need to print pages 9, 16, 23, 30, 37, 44, 51, 58, 65 and 72. 


The idea of these challenges is that the children work hard to recognise number bonds to 10, doubles and basic single digit addition facts and can recall these rapidly (hopefully by sight) rather than counting in their heads or on their fingers. The target is for the children to keep improving their score, by beating their BEST EVER SCORE, and ultimately eventually completing all 17 questions in 30 seconds.


If the children beat their best ever score, I will send them a certificate via email.

I may send out advice, ideas or activities to support those children who are finding this difficult, and not improving their score over several weeks.

If the children complete all questions correctly in the time limit, they will move onto the year 2 sheets for their remaining weekly challenges. 

Big Maths Beat That Results

Please submit your weekly Big Maths Beat That scores below. Use your child's name in the 'Name' box and submit their score along with the date in the 'Message' box e.g. 24/04/2020- 12/17. Please also ensure that you provide a correct parent email address to ensure that your child can be sent their certificate. Good luck!